What to expect from Professional tile and grout cleaning

tile and grout cleaning

With the passage of time, tile floors loses its shine. The casual cleaning method we used at our homes does not give the result needed for deep clean. Grouts absorb all the dirt and dust on it, mopping only removes the upper surface of dust. Grout can absorb grease and dust faster than tiles, but it is hard to remove this porous material. It may discolor, bacteria start growing in grout and an unpleasant odor spread over the place. The best way to clean the grout is to hire a professional and charges of professional depends mostly on the severity of discoloration.

Professional tile and grout cleaning services

  • A professional will conduct a preliminary inspection of tiles and grouts.
  • He will determine the best cleaning method for your area.
  • Using the safe cleaning products, spray the spots and stains to weaken them.
  • The professionals use a high-pressure cleaning to remove dust. The cleaning method then followed by clean water rinse and they also extract the excess amount of water.
  • They perform their duty with care and clean all the baseboards and corners.
  • Tiles are completely dried after finishing the cleaning process.
  • To preserve the cleanliness and prevent further damage all the grouts are sealed at the end.

Professional tile and grout cleaning have some other benefits too

  • The life of the floors will increase after removing the debris.
  • Professional cleaning is safe for the different types of floors.
  • You can avoid the expenses and inconvenience of floor replacing.

After knowing the benefits of professional cleaning, throw the toothbrush and grout cleaner and call a professional. They use advanced equipment and high power product to remove dust and debris. Routine sweeping and mopping cannot remove the dirt that is trapped deep in grout and discolor it.  Some of the professionals provide grout restoration services when the grout is completely stained and it cannot be reserve its discoloration.

Tips to maintain the shine of your tiles after cleaning

  • Clean the spills as quickly as it occurs to avoid stains.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floors before mopping. As it will get as much dirt as it can.
  • Regularly mop the tile with safe cleaners available in the market. Then remove excess water with a dry mop.
  • Use pads under chairs and furniture to avoid scratches. Scratches attract the dust particles more quickly.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals and detergent on the floor, it will damage the tiles.

Professional cleaning is recommended every year for shiny and best-looking floors. It also depends directly on the traffic and pets, children and your regular cleaning of the floor. The mistake a lot of people make is to think that their grout is stained for life. Do some research before calling a professional, there are some companies in the market who will just recolor the grout without trying to clean it. Take some referrals from your friends and family and also check their testimonials on their websites.

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