Keeping your carpet clean helps make your carpet last longer

make your carpet last longer

Carpet is one highlighted thing of your house which needs to look beautiful. To make your carpet last longer, you should clean it on regular basis. You cannot afford to change your carpet when it’s hardly cheap to do that. There is a misconception prevailed among most homeowners that their carpet will last longer if they only call professional to clean it occasionally.

They don’t know if they take some simple steps they will help their carpet stay beautiful for a longer period of time.  This is true that if you keep your carpet clean and maintained, it will stay longer. But I will tell you what kind of cleanliness and other steps you should take to make your carpet last longer.

Tips on how you can keep your carpet last longer

A quality vacuum

If you have wall to wall carpet in your home, you need to research about the suction before vacuum shopping. You need a high-quality vacuum with maximum suction so that it requires less force and it can work efficiently. A high-quality vacuum will remove the damaging dust in less time.

Regular vacuuming

Regular vacuuming can remove dust particles before they hide in pile and cause stains and odors. It will increase the life of your carpet by keeping it well maintained. Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar, it will damage your expensive carpet or rug. High traffic areas like near the door, family rooms and kitchen need everyday vacuuming. You need to vacuum daily in high traffic areas to maintain the firmness of fibers. Vacuum slowly to remove as much dust as possible. Two slow passes of vacuum remove dirt more effectively than several fast passes.

Rearranging the furniture

Furniture positioning is directly related to the wear and tear of carpets. The permanent location of furniture will create dust patterns on the carpet. It is good for carpet’s resilience and cleaning purpose to move the furniture periodically.

Keep the dirt out of your house

Leave your shoes at the door to avoid the carpet to attract the dust. Many cultures have this habit and it will give their carpet a fresh look for a longer period. If you don’t want to leave your shoes at the door, use the entry mats that will cut down the dust you are carrying to your home.

Removing the stains

You have to remove the stains and spots immediately after it occurs. Watch out for the spills, letting the spills dry will get your carpet a bad stain and odor. Confine all the snacks and cold drinks to the kitchen to avoid spills. If it stays for a time, it can convert into a permanent stain and will give your carpet bad odor. Don’t blot harshly to remove the stains, carpet is a delicate fiber and you need to use soft hands. You may repeat the process of stain removing but don’t over wet the carpet. If water alone does not work for the stains, use white vinegar and club soda for tough spots.

Professional help

Many of the carpets require professional cleaning every 18-24 months. They use some advanced methods of cleaning to clean the hidden dust and spots. You can clean your carpets by yourself too, but you need to know the cleaning process in detail. The hot water can ruin your carpet if you tried at home. They are licensed professional, they do it according to the manufacturer specifications.

What are some the in hand materials you have to avoid last minute shopping for cleaning

  • Carpet-cleaning soap
  • Indoor and outdoor floor mats
  • Paper towels
  • Spot treating cleaners
  • Vacuum filters

These are some of the tips to minimize the risk of damage. Regular vacuuming and well maintenance will prolong the life of your carpet. The longevity of carpets also depends on the type of fiber used in carpet and the traffic you have in your home. Use area rugs on your expensive carpets in high-traffic areas to avoid damage. Test the commercial products on corner of carpets, as some of the products damage the carpet color, texture and cause your carpet get dirty more quickly.

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